Wedding photography

Instagram did not return a 200.

So, the question that goes along with the viewing of the photos is who does the photos?

That would be James Rea. As the founder of the site, I am currently the main photographer, but as we grow, so will this section. For now you see my work here.  I also work with several second photographers should the need arise. The role of a second shooter (second wedding photographer) is to be there and capture all the moments that the main photographer cannot, for instance when photographing the couple. This is an option I highly recommend considering at larger weddings.

My suggested method of of deciding on a wedding photographer is rather simple. Do you like the photos you see? Each wedding was under different circumstances and at differen times of the year. I have done summer weddings, winter weddings, and everything in between. I even shot a fun engagement shoot, where he booked me, and she did not know what was going to happen.

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